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The 3 Phases of Success: LEARN - MAINTAIN - BECOME


You must always be fluid, be willing to adapt and search for ways to evolve your training to suit your lifestyle and fit your purpose. I am well aware of the struggles to stay fit and healthy through injuries, medical conditions, and plain old wear and tear of any body as it ages.  Anyone can achieve their goals with the right information, follow thru and support from a community of like-minded individuals regardless of your starting point and any restrictions you may have. 

After analyzing where you are right now, we’ll look at what you want to achieve. We will give you a plan and show you how to follow the plan to ensure your success.


Phase 1: I Care to Learn

I CARE to learn is the first phase. Achieve by learning. My goal is to teach you what you need to know to make the right choices for you and your family that naturally fit into your lifestyle and allow you to be fit for your purpose. The initial phase lays down the foundation for nutrition, exercise and mindset that will allow you to succeed in achieving your health and fitness goals long term.

Exercise that is:

1 - Heart Healthy
2- Bone Strengthening
3- Joint Rehabilitation

Foods to:

1 - Lose Fat
2- Reduce Inflammation
3- Tone & Build Muscle

Phase 2: Maintain

I CAN maintain is the second phase.   Maintain by doing. Once a strong foundation is in place you must build consistency through repetition that will become second nature habit. Learning never stops and my goal is that you become knowledgeable enough to continue on your own. You will know what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat for your particular set of goals. You will understand the exercises you do, what they are for, how to do them properly and which ones work best for you.

You Will Know:

1 - What to eat

2- How much to eat

3- When to eat

For your particular set of goals.

You will understand:

1 - The exercises you do and how to do them properly

2- What they are for

3- Which work best for you.


Phase 3: I Am

I AM this lifestyle is the third phase.  Become by living it. Once the results of consistent healthy habits are clear you now have skin in the game! After six months you can see and feel the difference physically, mentally and emotionally.  With support and being kept accountable you are now internalizing your healthy lifestyle – it has become YOU!

You will want to Challenge yourself in new ways: 

1 - Focused training on specific body parts

2- Maximizing nutrition and supplements to best fit your purpose

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