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As unique as the individuals who made them reality!

Norma Transformation.jpg

It's Never Too Late to be Great

After years of unhealthy habits, working full time while raising a son as a single mom Norma took initiative to change her lifestyle and become fit and healthy for herself and her family.   


Her incredible fitness journey was well on its way when she decided to take her dreams a step further and compete in bodybuilding at the age of 40. Her story is one of dedication, perseverance and will to be her best in each of the fitness challenges she sets for herself. After successfully achieving her Figure and Transformation Competition goals, Norma is now crushing goals in CrossFit and her passion for Powerlifting. She is an incredible mentor and inspirational role model to others.



"At 205 lbs and just 5’3 ¼ everything was hard for me. A simple walk or climbing up the stairs to my second story apartment will make me winded and out of breath. One of the most dreaded moments of my life was when I would have to go shopping for clothes and every time I went, I had to get a bigger size, till I got to wear size 18. I also became a smoker at the age of 25. 

I got tired and fed up of my very unhealthy habits, I knew deep down that this lifestyle I was leading, was going to be a life full of medical problems if I continued down that path. 

I finally put a stop to it, and decided to join a gym. I had no clue how to workout or what to do. I felt ashamed for how far I let myself go. I found that the gym offered spinning classes at 6 am 3 times a week and decided to try it out for one simple reason. It was in the dark and nobody would notice me if I was dying while I was trying to workout. Little by little the weight started to come off and as I was feeling better about myself I ventured to take more classes, like the Total Body Pump and Zumba. 

Finally, after a year or so I found 2 magazines, Oxygen and Muscle and Hers and I remember seeing the fitness models and I only dreamt to look like one of them. I found such good articles and very good exercise routines that I did and I immediately fell in love with weightlifting. After losing 50 lbs, I decided to reach out to Monica to take my fitness journey to the next level. I knew she could help me to not only look like one of those fitness models I only dreamt to look like, but also to prepare me to compete in a bodybuilding contest, in the Figure Category. We started working together on Jan 1, 2017, and she helped me not only to lose another 20 lbs but to conditioned my body to compete. I competed in Aug 5th of 2017 and I had such a great time! Her guidance was spot on from the very first day till the day I competed. I am so happy with the results I had with her training that I asked her to continue her coaching for future competitions. 

Do not give up on your dreams. Be consistent. Do not quit!"

- Norma D.


"I have never been a gym rat, but I had enjoyed working out occasionally. I’d see these other guys in the gym and always thought I could never look like that. I had all kinds of excuses: too old, too busy, too many surgeries, too tired, too late to start – all the usual ones. One day while working with a trainer we got talking about the possibility of going for it and trying some bodybuilding, and he encouraged me to find a good bodybuilding coach, one who has been there and done that and could help me out with not just the specific training, but also with the nutrition aspects. I am all natural, always have been and always will. I have zero interest in using any kind of artificial “help”. This led me to Monica at Lifestyle Solutions. 

Monica and I sat down late in 2018 and came up with a game plan. I was just about to turn 60, and she helped me target a couple of local INBA/PNBA natural bodybuilding shows as well as one where anything goes, just to see how I could compare. She developed a specific training plan and meal plan for me, taking all my ailments into account. With periodic pictures/weight measurements and occasional in-person sessions, she tailored and tweaked my plans to help me achieve something I really didn’t think possible. By September I had competed in 3 different events, winning my bodybuilding age category in all of them (including the not so natural competition). I also went on to compete in the international INBA/PNBA Natural Olympia in November, taking second place in Ultra Masters Bodybuilding (60-69), third in Amateur Grand Masters Classic Physique (50+), and second in Pro Masters Classic Physique (40+ group). Judge’s feedback for me included comments like “first off all the judges agreed you have a tremendous physique especially for your age. Awesome job at the Natural Olympia you remained competitive in all of the categories you competed in and you should be very proud“. 

Above and beyond the stage success, I consider my biggest accomplishment for 2019 being taken off my blood pressure medicine. I could not have achieved all that I did last year without Monica’s coaching and most importantly her nutrition guidance. I am proof that it doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s never too late to get started with a lifestyle of natural, healthy eating, and fitness."

- Jack B.

Age is Just a Number

Lauren transform.png

Always Dream Bigger

"Working with Monica was one of the best experiences I've had with a trainer. She is the most positive, supportive, and encouraging person and coach I have met, which led to a great partnership to get the results I wanted. I worked with Monica for about a year, and she helped me learn the science of my body through nutrition and fitness routines and the psychology aspect of trusting the process. Many times throughout our fitness journey, I would want quick and immediate results. However, those are not lifestyle solutions and not realistic or not the healthiest approach per se. However, Monica encouraged and embraced every step of the journey WITH me. I lost a total of 41 pounds with Monica before my competition through all my doubts and fears; the best part truthfully was my confidence boosted immensely. I began loving my body throughout every step of the way. My fitness journey with Monica was a beginning to something more than I could imagine. I full heartedly believe that you have to believe in yourself first, but having an accountability partner and coach like Monica made the process much more comfortable."

- Lauren G.

"I have been a client of Monica’s for over a year. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend and loved her energy, enthusiasm, and how genuine she is. I told her that I wanted to compete in a body building competition and my main goal was to look like I belonged on stage. I didn’t have to win or have any sort of timeline on becoming a pro. I just wanted the judges to look and see all the hard work I put in. I have always been very athletic competing in Spartan races and 5k’s but wanted to take on a new and different challenge. Monica and I discussed how much I loved food and trying all kinds of different food. I had heard horror stories from people about how their coaches would starve them and not let them listen to their bodies if they were struggling. Monica has always answered any questions or concerns I may have had and been very supportive. She has guided me in not only my workouts, nutrition, supplementation but has helped me gain self-confidence, which for me is priceless. For these reasons I will always look to Monica as my coach as she is someone I admire. I know that as a team we can accomplish any goal and I love having that feeling. I can’t wait to see where we go from here!"

- Katherine L.


"I started the losing weight journey on April 28, 2020. It was the beginning of the pandemic (Covid-19) in the United States. It was time for reflection, and instead of getting worried and depressed, I decided to turn it positive for my family and me. I contacted my longtime friend, Monica Steiner. I met Monica in 1988 while working at Univision (Noticias 23) in Dallas, Texas. From the moment I met Monica, I knew she was/is an exceptional human being. She has a brilliant heart. She contagious you with her willingness to help and optimism. 


I knew what I was signing for when I reached out for help to Monica. She is intense. She has walked on fire, traveled around the world, climbed the highest mountain in Scotland while being eight months pregnant! And there is more! I knew I needed to have discipline, dedication, and perseverance, and those three characteristics pay when making a change in your not-so-good habits and daily routine.  It would help if you were consistent. 


I have worked out with trainers before, but I have to admit that Monica is the best one I have ever had. She is real, flexible, and knows her craft. What has impressed me the most is how she has improved my eating habits training and, most importantly, my mind. After three and a half months of training under her tutelage, I can say that everything is in our minds. Do not let the body control you; it is the other way around. The body is hedonistic. It craves for pleasure. 


The changes will not happen from day to night, but if you follow Monica’s guidance, she will take you through a natural path than when you least expected, it is YOU making decisions and realizing what is good or not so good for you. Training with Monica has made my losing weight journey easy, fun, and knowledgeable."

- Marina V.

"Simply put, Monica is amazing!

She has more energy than anybody I know!

Her knowledge of personal training & coaching are top notch!

It’s not just her energy & knowledge or experience that makes Monica great, it’s her incredible communication, “follow through”

& “follow up” skills that sets her apart.

Whatever lifestyle change you are trying to make, Monica will help you ATTAIN your goals!"

- Joanne C.

"I thought I had eaten healthy for years, but just couldn’t lose weight and feel healthy!  Monica’s multi-pronged approach to a healthy lifestyle really worked for me!  She quickly diagnosed changes in my eating resulting in consistent weight loss, that has stayed off.  (Who knew you could eat too much fruit??)  She created an exercise plan to trim and tighten resulting in lost inches AND suggested alternative approaches for life when things just don’t go according to plan.  Her individual feedback lead to success in contrast to my other failed attempts.  Thank you Monica!"

- Kim M.

"I first met Monica at our local Chamber of Commerce network meetings. After she spoke to chamber members each week, she would leave us with a last thought, "love life at any age."  At the time, I was not one of the people who loved my middle age life, but I wanted to be that person.


I met with Monica and spent time with her working on both a workout plan and nutrition plan. Monica made it easy to start my workout program in my home until I could transition to a gym. Through each step she was encouraging and supportive. In all the months I’ve worked with Monica, I never one time felt bad or too embarrassed to tell her when I stumbled through a bad workout week or temporarily strayed from the nutrition plan. She always encouraged me with a smile and helped me get back on plan.


The greatest lesson I learned from Monica is to think about what I’m eating and make a conscience decision about everything that I eat. It’s not really about the plan, but more about thinking through everything that you eat and the consequence of eating it. For me, doing this results in fewer indulgences and a healthier lifestyle.


If you are looking for an encouraging partner to help you reach your health goals, Monica is the right person for you!"

- Stacey R.

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