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Do I need to take supplements?

There are just a few key natural supplements I recommend taking because most of us don’t get enough of certain vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients our bodies need for optimal organ and digestive function. You can take any brand of supplements but If asked, I will recommend only brands I have personally used and in whom I trust for source and quality.

I am Vegan; I have food allergies; I am gluten intolerant; is there a plan for me?   


Yes – Once you fill out the Lifestyle Questionnaire with detailed information about you and your individual and family habits, your nutrition and exercise plan will reflect how best to reach your goals while fitting into your lifestyle.

I’m going through menopause, is this for me?

Absolutely! You are experiencing a number of hormonal changes that affect how your body absorbs, digests and redistributes food. Your activity levels may have increased or decreased over the years but now is the time to recalibrate inside and out and ensure you are fit, look fab and feel great as you welcome this next stage in life.

Is this a strict one fits all diet and exercise plan?

NO! This is NOT a diet. It is a lifestyle plan that takes into consideration your particular circumstances, your environment, your family responsibilities, your work and personal commitments and the way you have been living your life. Based on all of the above, you’ll be given a specific plan that includes nutritional choices, physical exercise, and lots of positive re-enforcement through accountability.

Will I have to give up my weekly happy hour with the girls?

Not at all. You will learn how to make choices that allow you to enjoy the fun things in life while reaching your health and fitness goals.

I travel a lot and I’m always eating out.  Will your program still work for me?


Yes, it will.  Lifestyle Solutions teaches you exactly how to adapt, work around your schedule and find the right choices in foods and ways to exercise that make the difference whether you are at home or on the road.

I don’t have a gym membership. I don’t like the gym. Can I do the exercises from home and still get results?


Absolutely. No gym needed to achieve your physical fitness goals on the program. Commitment, proper technique and follow through will determine your results.


I’ve tried everything; and I get very discouraged not seeing the same results as others on the scale. 


You are embarking on a lifestyle journey, not a quick fix. While the scales are certainly an indication of weight loss, they don’t show the entire picture.  On the program you will take initial measurements – waist, bust, hips, arms, thighs-; a starting point picture - front/back/side - and weight on a scale. No stepping on a scale again until the following month; however, you will measure and take pictures every two weeks.

I have physical limitations. I have bad knees. My back goes out often. I’m not sure I can do any kind of exercise that involves weights or high impact.


You are not alone! While proper nutrition is the biggest factor in improving health and shifting size, strategic and targeted movement - physical activity – is essential for cardiovascular health, preventing osteoporosis and toning/re-shaping your body. There is always an adaptation that will accommodate your needs and fit your purpose.


Does each family member get a different meal and exercise plan in the Family Fundamentals Program?


No, I look into your family dynamic as a whole taking into consideration each family member’s schedule, commitments, limitations and needs and create one family plan adaptable to suit each member.

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