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A business solution that incorporates nutrition, exercise and positive mindset creating the ideal work environment to thrive.
Strategic Health IN Everything

After Business Health LAB your team now has the tools to SHINE – create Strategic Health in Everything.
The SHINE program is an affordable way for you to offer continued support while keeping your team accountable to their health and fitness goals in order to SHINE in everything they do, be it at work or at home.


  • Monthly interactive zoom lunch & learn on specific topic chosen by client.

  • Exclusive business FB community

  • Weekly FB live nutrition/exercise/mindset on the FB community page for shared topic

  • interactions with Q & A.

  • Weekly breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack recipes

  • Monthly workout training program with at home and gym variations.

  • Monthly virtual Q&A consult/discussion with Dr. Greg on timely health topics and conditions.

  • Free all access membership to Monica’s Lifestyle Solutions - website videos, articles and benefits.

Businesses associate Productivity with Success.

While employers may see productivity as getting their money’s worth from those who work for them; to an employee, productivity can mean working longer, harder and many times without any added benefits or rewards. If asked, we’d all say we want to be more productive, more efficient, more alert, have our energy last longer so that we can get more accomplished whether it’s finishing that big project at work, playing with the kids in the evening or enjoying an end of the day conversation with a loved one without falling asleep half way through. 

Invest in Your Team 

After your team experiences our 4-hour Business Health LAB they’ll be ready with a new tool kit and the momentum to propel their new found knowledge and skill set into positive healthy daily work habits.  


SHINE is the perfect follow through offering a virtual business community environment that provides support and accountability to ensure long term results.  

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