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Mindset to Thrive

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

As you prepare for an upcoming sporting event or rigorous activity, It can be extremely disheartening when an unpredictable challenge - physical, mental, family or outside source- pops up in the middle of a strict regimented program.

That's when you need to stay focused and REMEMBER: Athletes who excel in their sport are those who learn early on how to ADAPT. Challenges surround us daily with no off-season and hardly ever a specific reason. They show up as uninvited guests just to test our will, desire and stamina. Whether you are a competitive athlete or simply committed to being your fittest and healthiest ever, challenges are everywhere and learning when and how to push through or simply sidestep and approach the challenge from a different perspective will help you achieve the desired results. When faced with challenges in your sport here are a few useful MUSTS to follow that will help you succeed and ADAPT to meet your goals:

· Have a DESIRE - you can't meet a challenge unless you have the desire to get to where you need to go.

· Your Sacrifice must Be WORTH IT-  ask yourself, is what I need to do to get to the goal worthwhile?  The answer must be yes, cause it will take extra steps, time and endurance to figure out and move forward.

· Be stubborn - which means YOU DON'T QUIT. Some of your plans to overcome an obstacle may go nowhere, others may seem to last a while but when progress slows down or your adaptations don't work anymore you need to keep on trying new and different approaches.

· Be perceptive - Open yourself enough to see solutions and seeds of ideas when they pop up from different sources.

· Be inventive, creative and willing to change your approach as you tackle each challenge.

· Be patient yet persistent. At the end of the day it was the tortoise that finished the race!

YOU CAN DO THIS. Where the Mind Leads, the body follows and the spirit will soar.

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